Tuesday, August 08, 2006

An Exciting Time

I'm thrilled to announce that I have two (2!!) books about to go to press. Both will be available in bookstores and online in September. Update: WHISKEY STRAIGHT UP is available now through online retailers, including Amazon.com. You can read more about both books on my home page www.ninawright.net and at the blogs below.

WHISKEY STRAIGHT UP, the second book in the Whiskey Mattimoe mystery series:

Nearly drowning in an icy lake isn't Whiskey Mattimoe's favorite way to celebrate the season. Neither is finding the mayor dead at Magnet Springs' annual Ice Fishing Jamboree. And then there's the problem of locating Chester, her precocious eight-year-old charge, who has run away. . . or was he kidnapped? So Whiskey, an eternally disheveled, mid-thirties realtor, is drawn into another rollicking adventure with her purse-stealing Afghan hound. Eccentric characters abound in this Michigan resort town, including the police chief with a gift for upsetting the town's magnetic fields and the adorable vet with an unfortunate speech impediment. Amid the uproar, Whiskey makes a surprising discovery: for the first time since her husband's death, she's finally ready to dip her toes into the whimsical waters of love.


HOMEFREE, one of seven titles launching Llewellyn's new teen imprint, Flux:

Easter Hutton just might have the worst mom in the world. Does she really think her slime-ball boyfriend will divorce his wife just because Mom is pregnant? Missing her best friend and her dad, Easter just wants to blend in at her new school, which proves difficult when she starts experiencing involuntary bouts of astral-projection. Easter isn’t sure which is worse: these mysterious jaunts or the antics of her selfish, eccentric mother. Everything changes when Easter discovers Homefree, an underground organization devoted to helping teenagers, like herself, with paranormal gifts. Suddenly she doesn’t feel like an outsider anymore. Maybe a normal life—with real friends and a boyfriend—is possible after all.



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