Friday, June 30, 2006

Nina Wright--actor, playwright and novelist--is author of the humorous Whiskey Mattimoe mystery series published by Midnight Ink. The first book, Whiskey on the Rocks, is in stores now. The second, Whiskey Straight Up, will go on sale in September. Nina also writes novels for younger readers. Her teen novel Homefree will launch FLUX, the new Llewellyn imprint.

The Whiskey Mattimoe Mysteries: Real estate, murder, and one bad dog.

Nina is a writer for hire, a master of many forms of the written word . . . in addition to fiction.


  • Experienced writer of speeches, scripts, business-to-business and business-to-consumer publications, instructional manuals, essays, editorial pieces, press releases, research reports, creative ad copy, ghost-written projects, and fiction.
  • Skilled researcher, interviewer, editor and project manager.
  • Strong technical command of the English language and virtually all writing styles. Able to write for any educational level.
  • Expert at fitting the message to the audience in order to achieve desired results. Can truly write on demand.
  • Polished public speaker and stand-up trainer.
  • Business Writing Specializations: speeches, scripts, business-to-business andbusiness-to-consumer materials, instructional manuals, skills assessment-and-development materials, professional presentations, ad copy.
  • Training Specializations: customer service, employee attitude adjustment, public speaking, creativity in the workplace.

Nina is a seasoned and entertaining writing instructor.

She’s available to teach the following Writing Workshops and to create customized seminars for your needs.

Creating Dramatic Dialogue. Whatever kind of writing you do, chances are it involves people talking. Want a new bag of tricks for putting words in your characters’ mouths? This mini-workshop explores how dialogue differs from real-life conversation, and what it reveals about personality, relationships, place, time, and action. Learn how to let your characters help tell your story.

What Playwrights Know that All Writers Need. Think of every play you’ve ever seen: You, as part of the audience, expected something to happen when the curtain went up—and things to keep happening in a way that engaged you until the curtain fell. Nina Wright is a playwright who made the transition to writing fiction. She shows how playwriting techniques can start your story rolling from the first sentence and keep the audience involved until the final word.

Whose Story Is It? For a story to work, the right person has to tell it. In other words, the writer needs to choose the best possible point of view. This workshop helps you figure out who should tell your story and how.

What Kind of Story Is It? So you think you know what you want to write before you start to write it. Okay—but you may be cutting your best creative options. Let Nina Wright show you how to spin ideas and characters in surprising directions for amazing results. Open up your options for the writing ride of your life. Writing the First Draft Fast. You’ve got nothing to show an agent or publisher until you’ve written your novel all the way to the end. Learn Nina Wright’s secrets for getting the first draft done, no matter what. She can help you solve your biggest plotting problems.

How to Woo Your Muse. Fact: You have to court Creativity; she (or he) doesn’t show up uninvited. This exciting workshop offers new ways to connect your inner and outer worlds. Everything you want to write about is already waiting for you; you simply have to find the way there. Come prepared to play on paper. You’ll leave with both answers and inspiration.

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