Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Payoff for Patience

Here’s a little story about a bigger story: A few years ago, I moved to Dallas, Texas, in order to take a teaching job at a prestigious school. Although I met lovely people there, I deeply missed family and friends back in the Land of the Great Lakes. During my time in Dallas, death claimed someone very near to my heart. A combination of homesickness and grief led me back north, where I intended to resume my fiction writing career. However, my original publisher had made a decision not to continue the Whiskey Mattimoe series.

Then I found a new publisher, Martin Brown/Ampichellis. Together we are extremely pleased to present Book #6 in the humorous Whiskey Mattimoe mystery series starring Abra the Afghan hound, the original Bad Girl of Dog Fiction. The new book, Whiskey and Soda, is due out in both trade paperback and ebook formats at the end of May 2012.

For more information about the new book and insights into the series, I urge you to check my Whiskey Mattimoe blog and/or my Amazon Author Central Page. The bottom line: Abra is coming back, and she’s in more trouble than ever. So is Whiskey, her reluctant “owner.”

Their madcap misadventures continue in Magnet Springs, Michigan, with friends and felons both new and familiar. I urge you to read it. And I sincerely thank my readers for letting me know they wanted more Whiskey. Cheers!

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