Saturday, January 27, 2007

Online Interview with Little Willow

I had the recent pleasure of being interviewed by Little Willow--writer and reviewer par excellence--in her impressive, very literate blog.

Little Willow invited me to talk about my teen novel Homefree, part of the launch for Llewellyn's Flux imprint, and its sequel Sensitive, which goes to press later this year. Homefree was nominated for a 2006 Cybil Award in the Fantasy/Science Fiction category (see entry below).

During our conversation, Little Willow also asked about my humorous Whiskey Mattimoe mystery series for adults. I talked about where the character of Abra the Afghan hound comes from. And that made me realize something: If an annoying mutt can morph into the glamorous co-star of series fiction, then anything's possible--at least in a writer's life.

The conversation turned to cats, which seemed only fair since Little Willow's gorgeous feline Hollywood was right there. So I mentioned Yoda the Devon Rex menace in Whiskey and Tonic, as well as my feline cast in The Fine Art of Following Cats, a new project for readers aged eight and up.

We agreed that it's fun to transform the animals we know into fictional characters. They never recognize themselves on the page. . . .

Thank you, Little Willow, for a delightful chat!


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You are welcome. Thank you!

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